• Hospital Management

    EOS Solutions: set a facility apart

  • Orthopedics

    EOS Solutions: complement surgical skills

  • Radiology

    EOS Solutions:
    maximize the valuable imaging service

EOS Solutions

EOS platform is a unique combination of low dose 2D/3D imaging technology, software and services that add value to each step of the musculoskeletal patient care pathway. From diagnosis to long term follow-up, an EOS exam provides full body, 2D/3D images and patient-specific data sets to plan and control surgeries based on 3D anatomical models of the patient in a weight-bearing position.


Additional solutions

oneFIT medical, a subsidiary of the EOS imaging Group, offers 3D surgical planning solutions and accompanying patient-specific instruments (PSI) for total knee arthroplasty. The cloud-based software includes implants from multiple manufacturers that you can select and position on a 3D model of your patient’s anatomy. For more information, please click here